The Survivor Camaro. Still Surviving.

In our lives we meet amazing people, some of those who set out to change the world, or make it a better place. So was the case for the “Survivor Camaro.”   Built by Kristen Benavidez after a long battle of the life threatening disease Leukemia, she survived.  Her 2010 Camaro then became a symbol to raise awareness and support for others who are struggling as she did.

I had the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas and shoot Kristen with her Camaro and during that time, learnt a lot about the vehicle, along with her story and eventually we became very good friends.  But just a few short years after this photoshoot, the Camaro was destroyed along with her family home during the hurricane Harvey.

Here is a tribute to an amazing person and car.

Kristen Benavides_WM3Kristen Benavides_WM6Kristen Benavides_WM11Kristen Benavides_WM10Kristen Benavides_WM9Kristen Benavides_WM8Kristen Benavides_WM2