Early Morning With the Coyote
S550 Mustang

201608_Mustang S550_01

The clouds were rolling in on the cool brisk morning at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois.  A hefty gate person, scruffy and looking as if he had just woken up from his folding chair, proceeded to slowly push the massive sliding chain link fence gate open, creating the entrance into the motorsport temple.

The track was empty.  Quiet.  Calm.  Such a contrast to the normal days I’ve spent in the grandstands and sipping cold beer out of a plastic cup and sweating in the swamp-like Missouri summer heat, while the sites and sounds of roaring engines echoed past.

S550 Mustang

Turn one on the inner road course looked to be a good place to begin setting up my shoot.  From this apex, I could see the steeply graded asphalt banks of the Nascar oval track, looking from this angle, they look much taller than I remember.   I began to set up my equipment for a rolling shot, placing suction cups and the camera rig on the car, then position the remote flash lighting.

After nearly an hour of shooting, I felt I could take home a winner.  Certainly not a 1st place race win at a national race event, but hopefully this will be enough to visually please the eyes of any Mustang enthusiast.  Enjoy.

Mustang GT S550