The city of Detroit has suffered enough.  Once a thriving auto manufacturing city of America, it was an icon of our country — a symbol of quality automotive manufacturing that pushed Detroit muscle out onto the roadways and into the racetracks. But within the crumbling in the chaos of recession, closing manufactures, job loss and deterioration, the city slumbered down.  Now in recent years, there are several brands re-claiming the historic value of this town. One such case is the Detroit based business, Shinola.

Focusing on timepieces, Shinola produces wristwatches that symbolize the breath of an American city and reflect the vintage timekeepers of circuit racing.  Utilizing local, private business for materials such as the leather leather, the Shinola wristwatch is hand crafted piece-by-piece at a small factory in Detroit.

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept

A prime example is “The Runwell.”  Featuring a sapphire crystal, Super-Lumi Nova printed dial, stainless steel case and the three hands that of which are driven by the Detroit-built, Aragonite 715 high-quartz movement – you can say it’s a “sleeper.” But the best feature is the markings.  Etched onto the back plating are the words “Built in Detroit.”

Classically styled with a vintage feel.  You can say the Shinola watches are subtly stunning.  Yet they carry a story.  It’s a timepiece that is a reflection of American automotive history, and that my friends — is timeless

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