Bosozoku – (Bo-so-zo-ku)

Over exaggerated aero wings.  Elongated fenders.  Jagged exhaust pipes frantically bent up towards the sky.  Crazy as they seem, these are the features of Bosozoku (Bo-so-zo-ku) — a Japanese style of car modding that originated from a subculture of motorcycle and car gangs.  Hence the word “zoku”, meaning gang. On any normal day in Osaka […]

When Sex Meets Violence. The 1989 Batmobile

In 1989, Tim Burton forever changed the viewpoint of Batman on the big screen. With the help of designer Anton Furst, the two collaborated to create a grungy backdrop of an art deco-like, dystopian city known as Gothem. While dropping into the filth covered alleyways, the mysterious black bat dissolved into the nighttime shadows with […]

The Bugatti Divo

  What happens when Bugatti makes a limited edition car with a total production of only 40?  It’s simple. They sell it for 5.8 million dollars. And yes, you totally read that right — but to many, apparently that price is a deal because Bugatti immediately sold out of their new supercar dubbed “Divo” during its […]