The Mustang Week Car Show

For any Mustang enthusiasts, Mustang Week can be viewed as the pinnicale of all Mustang events. Globally it may just be the largest Mustang gathering as well know, with an entire week filled with the sounds and sites of Mustangs scattered throughout the Myrtle beach area. For 6 days, thousands and thousands of Mustangs take […]

The Survivor Camaro. Still Surviving.

In our lives we meet amazing people, some of those who set out to change the world, or make it a better place. So was the case for the “Survivor Camaro.”   Built by Kristen Benavidez after a long battle of the life threatening disease Leukemia, she survived.  Her 2010 Camaro then became a symbol […]

Stance: An Acceptance?

What comes to mind when you hear the word stance?  Could it be the cringing photos that post into your daily social feed with defunct camber and tires that look chewed up by your neighbors dog?  Or the beaten and battered shrapnel that used to be a fender well cutting away as the car scrapes […]