The All Electric I-Pace

SUV’s may have a general conception of not being very sporty and not being very utility; But here we test the new all-electric Jaguar I Pace and disregard all pre existing perceptions about electric vehicles.

In this review, we just want to see what it’s like to drive the new SUV.

To Be? Or Not To Be?

One cannot argue that the Mustang Mach E is an amazing vehicle — but a public relations nightmare.

Could this be from the result of a CEO who couldn’t take no for an answer? Or was it poor consumer research performed by an agency? Within all of the variables that could possibly be, one is certain; sometimes the largest, most brilliant companies produce a flop.

Which wasn’t the case in 1964, when Ford motor company released a hot new sports vehicle dubbed a pony car and named the Mustang. Funded by Lee Iacocca, and produced behind the back of William Ford, the Mustang was the answer to the rebel youth of that period, and moved on to out-sell Mr. Ford’s failure, the Etsel, by the hundreds of thousands.

Since then, we can all agree that pony car Mustang has been Ford’s flagship muscle machine taking on the world in style, performance and attitude, while becoming a culture icon and global deity.

But fast forward to 2019, a period when electric vehicles are becoming the new environmental waste, but a natural transition for society; and the outdated combustion engines a sounding roar of the past.  The electric car is inevitable — and riding on top the elective wave, an electric powered Mustang.

Meanwhile Mustang enthusiasts have been hanging on the to edge of their seats in hopes of a blissful moment, when the announcement of a retro-electric pony car, with muscle in its posture and heritage in its veins — received a Hiroshima-sized bomb dropped on top their dreams.  FMC announced a Mustang SUV, dubbed the Mach E.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 12.00.47 AM

One cannot deny the Mach E is a basic looking electric powered SUV, with a few subtle Mustang styling cues thrown into the mix.  And most can’t argue, the specs are actually quite good, with it’s handling, power and electrical range of charge – but none of that has mattered, because every bit of greatness of what could have been a successful product launch has backfired — due to a name.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 12.04.20 AM

Since the debut of the electric SUV Mustang, FMC’s public relations nightmare has not ended. At first, FMC was deleting the comments on their social media feeds, in effort to reduce the negativity. But one thing about the network of the Internet and social media is that it cannot be controlled. Not one single post of the Ford SUV that we’ve found includes a positive comment about utilizing the Mustang name for their new electric SUV.

Great or not? The people have spoken, and the Mustang Mach E SUV, is not to be.

A Step Back in Time

Every time I visit Daytona International Speedway its as cold as ever — as if Florida decides to turn the heat off for a few days.  But despite the chilly air and gusts of light rain, all of that was forgotten once I drove out of the Daytona Raceway entrance tunnel and heard the sound of vintage engines roaring past my vehicle.

For a moment I was in heaven, as two silver 1950’s SL 300s were gliding on top the asphalt of the steepest bank in turn nine.  I stopped, and was in awe just seeing the two racing side by side, as if I were hovering over them, floating motionlessly watching from above.

DSC05207-retouchPhoto by Michael Rioux

For nearly three days, the Historical Sportscar Racing Association invites vintage race cars of every sort to participate in the 24 Hour Classic at Daytona International Speedway; and though the event is still its early growth stage of only its 5th year running, it’s quickly becoming one of the most relevant historic races on the globe.

Just walking through the paddocks one can see why.  With a quick pass around the garages, I spotted legendary cars ranging from nearly every series including prototypes, Trans Am and even Nascar. Here, you’ll spot the legends that used to be. The cars you couldn’t get close to except from a lens in the grand stand.  Yet, here there they are, being brought back to life, racing once again to push their limits and the possibility of catastrophe.


DSC03067-retouch(Photo by Michael Rioux)DSC03005-retouch(Photo by Michael Rioux)