The All Electric I-Pace

SUV’s may have a general conception of not being very sporty and not being very utility; But here we test the new all-electric Jaguar I Pace and disregard all pre existing perceptions about electric vehicles. In this review, we just want to see what it’s like to drive the new SUV.

To Be? Or Not To Be?

One cannot argue that the Mustang Mach E is an amazing vehicle — but a public relations nightmare. Could this be from the result of a CEO who couldn’t take no for an answer? Or was it poor consumer research performed by an agency? Within all of the variables that could possibly be, one is […]

A Step Back in Time

Every time I visit Daytona International Speedway its as cold as ever — as if Florida decides to turn the heat off for a few days.  But despite the chilly air and gusts of light rain, all of that was forgotten once I drove out of the Daytona Raceway entrance tunnel and heard the sound […]

The Greatest Feature of the De Tomaso P72

In a world of modern hypercars sporting carbon fiber paddle shifters, electronic transmission shift solenoids, electronic rev matching and fancy knobs to notify what drive mode you’re in — there’s something that’s been missing in the context of these supercar-like vehicles.  Ahhh yes.  It’s a stick shift. I know.  It seems archaic.  It’s slower that […]