Photoshoot with Tonya Kay

Smog is something that’s a strange, yet familiar smell.  Like a mix of trash dumpster and exhaust fumes. It filled the air of my vehicle interior as I navigated my way down highway 101 and into the cramped hillsides of Hollywood California.  The sky was pitch black as the headlights of my Tacoma projected a […]

The Ferrari Testarossa 512 Tr

make Ferrari model Testarossa color Red spec 512 TR A Step Back in Time The Ferrari Testarossa is a timeless classic, and placed exotic cars on a different level from standard vehicles.  This 1990 Ferrari 512 TR is one of the last of its kind, and one can say that the square, linear 1980’s styling […]

One Last Look at the C7 Z06

  The C7 Z06 is quoted by Chevrolet at as the pinnacle of Corvettes.  That they could no longer push the car any further.  With a 0-60 mph of just 2.65 seconds, a quarter mile time in nearly 11-seconds flat, and a 1.1 G-force rating, there is no competition from any other American manufacturer.  So […]