Photoshoot with Tonya Kay

Smog is something that’s a strange, yet familiar smell.  Like a mix of trash dumpster and exhaust fumes. It filled the air of my vehicle interior as I navigated my way down highway 101 and into the cramped hillsides of Hollywood California.  The sky was pitch black as the headlights of my Tacoma projected a barley noticeable view of the steep narrow winding roadways, passing through what seemed like a sleepy hilltop neighborhood barricaded by privacy fences and the shadows of trees.

I eventually trekked my way through the twists and turns until I reached the pre-scheduled destination, a roadside view of the iconic Hollywood hill top.  There I sat. Sipping my coffee, waiting for the sun to rise and my client to show up.  While imagining how I would compose the scene, at that moment, a light began to peek over the hazy mountain top — and then my subject approached in a rumble of classic muscle car.

This was the morning I met Tonya Kay.

Working as a project for The SpeedGirls Magazine, my subject Tony is a very accomplished movie actor and she owns her own production company; a burlesques show, and surprisingly is a true gearhead.  She wooed me with her knowledge of past automotive projects and also her professionalism of modeling.  And although the sun never completely appeared that morning, the ambient cover of smog gave way to beautiful scenery and contrast of the photoshoot.




The Ferrari Testarossa 512 Tr

The Ferrari Testarossa is a timeless classic, and placed exotic cars on a different level from standard vehicles.  This 1990 Ferrari 512 TR is one of the last of its kind, and one can say that the square, linear 1980’s styling is the pinnacle of car design, but it can also be looked at as the beginning of modern car era.

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One Last Look at the C7 Z06


The C7 Z06 is quoted by Chevrolet at as the pinnacle of Corvettes.  That they could no longer push the car any further.  With a 0-60 mph of just 2.65 seconds, a quarter mile time in nearly 11-seconds flat, and a 1.1 G-force rating, there is no competition from any other American manufacturer.  So here give take a few moments to gaze at this automotive feat and it’s lovely exterior before the quake of the C8, and the silence of the this amazing machine.

A Raw Night of Drag Racing

“Weekend warriors.  Backyard builds.  Sitting in a death trap.  It’s all for a thrill.”
– Adam Riley

Drag racing.  It’s pure Americana — and is the basis of all motorsports racing, especially in North America.  Honestly, if you think about it, motorsport rivalries began here.  There was no other form of racing before and it’s the most simplest form of racing — period.

What makes it so good is that it’s an instant gratification of a winner.  Like an arm wrestling contest or anything of that nature — that’s just do or die. Drag racing is such a diverse racing sport for all levels of drivers, because it’s one of the easiest racing levels to participate in.  It is relatively cheap and you can basically take any vehicle and do it.  You don’t have to have any experience at all.  You just get in.  Push the gas pedal and go.


But in modern times, the sport has evolutionized and has become very technologically incorporated.  Where there is still the simplicity of taking off, driving down the strip, and crossing the line first — there is more to it than just that.

Take for instance the hole shot, which is the initial take off, can be completely dissected of how to get an instant launch.  There are factors of tire compound, how hot the tires are, how hot the surface of the ground is.  The performance of the vehicle suspension.  Is there too much vehicle power or too little?  I mean, there are hundreds of factors that be taken into consideration and changed.

. . . and that’s just the launch.  After taking off the vehicle is measured in distances of 60ft, 100ft, 660ft, and finally the 1320ft distance, which is a standard quarter mile track length.  All of those distances are calculated along with how much of an initial delay you have from the time the starting light turned green, to when the vehicle actually moved to receive an overall time and speed.

Despite dealing with tuning and handling the data, the thrill of winning is what becomes the “high.”  After the adrenaline of staging for the start, anticipating the launch and crossing the line . . . despite the modern complexities, still, none the less — it’s a pure raw addiction of every automotive enthusiasts.  Period.